Flags and Icons Series

Flag Series

One day when Taft was working in his studio, and his oldest son Andrew, came in and talked to him while he was painting. “This happens with my family on a regular basis. We talk while they watch me paint.” Taft was working on an abstract painting and wasn’t feeling it. Andrew suggested turning it into an American flag. Following Andrew’s advice, Taft took the abstract painting and left it as the base layer. He then painted an American Flag over the abstract painting. Since then, Taft has painted dozens of Flag paintings, including the American Flag, the Texas Flag, Come and Take It Flag and Union Jack.

 Iconic Series

Current day icons fascinate me. Logos are representations of our current culture. They tell a story about the things in life that we are drawn to. They emanate style, status, and substance. In my Iconic Series, I use the same technique as with the Flag Series. I use a lot of texture then create an abstract underpainting that gives a lot of depth to the final image. The Iconic Series has included Porsche, BMW, Jaguar (that is now in Jay Leno’s private collection), Audi, Mercedes, Texans/NFL, Dynamo and a number of local corporate logos.

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